Monday, May 16, 2011

So they love fútbol in Argentina

Hey family and friends!

Yet another week has come to an end in Argentina. And what a great week it has been!!!! Ha it has been great but in reality it is about the same as some of the other past weeks.

We had a huge rainstorm this past week. And those are always fun because I get to use my boots! The storm was thursday and friday and basically all of my dirt streets turned in to muddy rivers! It was a great adventure to try and get to peoples houses. We arrived at one house but realized we were on the wrong side of the ¨river¨so we had to walk back two blocks where there was a place to get to the other side so we could get to the house. The storms are also reallly fun because the people always give us hot chocolate with bread or cake. The hot chocolate here is really delicious. My companion hates the rain. He was sick on the first day of the storm but I eventually got him out of the house at late afternoon.

We didnt find any new investigators this week so that was kind of frustrating but we also had a bunch of miscellaneous chores to do such as go to centro and pay for the rent and my comp and the other district leaders had training tuesday. That was when i got to work with the new Elder, Elder Proctor. He is a really awesome elder. Last semester he was at university of Iowa on wrestling scholarship. Even though he knows very little spanish he is not afraid to speak up... he set a good example for me. Many times i am afraid to speak up because I don´t want to say something wrong but the only way I can learn is by making mistakes first and learning from them. But we taught two lessons that day and set up a bunch of appointments for the rest of the week so i felt pretty good about our day for the experience we had between us. All the trainers and new elders received training this week to adapt for the fact that they dont teach language in the mtc anymore. In the mission now the trainers and new missionaries study all morning. 1 hour personal study, 2 hours comp study, and 1 hour language study. they dont get to work until after lunch. And it is that way for the first 12 weeks.

For food this past week I have made lots of pancakes and eggs for breakfast. and for lunches or dinners i have had noodles or chicken. Oh we also made pizza again. The food here is great. And i think i actually lost week this week =) But its been fun to have a companion from uruguay because i have been learning how to cook more local foods so that is fun.

Yesterday was a day of soccer. The biggest rivalry in all of Argentina was yesterday Boca vs. River. Boca won 2-0!!!! We got to watch the end of the 2nd half at a members house because we weren´t able to do any work because people would start yelling at us when we knocked on their doors. After that the team from Bahía played in their rivalry game and we saw most of the first half of that in an investigators home. It was really fun to see that part of the Argentine culture. I miss soccer. I really want to play it again someday. But yah we werent able to do much work yesterday. But we did end up having lots of little lessons with the members.

Well that is all for this past week.


Elder Vaterlaus

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