Monday, February 7, 2011

"On my mission..." - Week 3

Querido mi familia y mis amigos,

Time is really starting to move now! This past week for my teaching thing we had to knock on peoples doors and talk to them in Spanish for about 7 minutes.... I really need to work on my Spanish :). We then taught the investigator the first lesson about the restoration and it was really great to teach with the spirit. the "investigator" was great and it was really a neat experience for all of us.

I have enjoyed hearing from everybody! It's been great to hear about everything that has been going on. I enjoy the BSU updates very much so keep them coming. Its really funny. Our teacher Hermano Heap is presumably the younger brother of Todd Heap who plays Tight End for the Ravens right (Joe? ) But we don't know that for sure so we always ask him funny questions to figure out more. We know that his favorite team is the ravens and because his brother lives there. Kind of a fun thing we do during our breaks.

Dad would have been proud of me once again for my service activity this week. Elder Flamm and I cleaned the bathrooms of the main building. But they are cleaned every single day (maybe more than one time every single day) so they really weren't that bad.

On Tuesday we heard from I think Elder Steven R. Duncan of the first Quorum of the Seventy and his wife. They had incredible talks. Both mentioned that no effort in missionary work is EVER wasted. Elder Duncan also taught that as missionaries we are bridge makers for the investigator to Christ. That every persons bridge starts somewhere else yet the destination is always the same! Its great to think about how our goal is to invite others to come unto Christ even though people can come from all different places in life.

Well I am really sorry about these emails. Hopefully when I get out into Argentina things will start to get more exciting to hear about. But my mission has been exciting to me!

Also, I went to the temple today and it was incredible. I always keep looking around to see if Emily is going to jump out of nowhere and embarrass me :) The temple is truly an incredible place and has so much power to give me peace, hope, and joy. I love going because I get to think about my family a lot and all that you have done for me.

I finally have adjusted to the schedule somewhat! I found out the problem.... the room was always too cold to sleep! so once i started to turn the heater on I have had the best night sleep I had had in a long time.

Ha I set up the valentine's card that LauriAnn gave me on my shelf. It is a heart with a puppy on it that says smile. So every time I look at it I just cant help but smile.... Thanks LauriAnn!

My Spanish is coming along and I understand the concepts extremely well. Just putting them into use however is the difficult thing for me. I have been struggling with saying what I want to say even though I could write it down quickly if I needed to. Any suggestions? I have just been trying to use my Spanish as much as possible and to trust in the Lord.

Hopefully I hear from everybody! :) It always makes my day when I hear from you guys.

con amor -
Elder Vaterlaus

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