Friday, February 25, 2011



Today I walked outside and there was over a foot of snow! There was a blizzard over the night that would maybe have rivaled the blizzard of 2010! ;) Well its just been another week at the MTC! So nothing too much new to tell you about.

For my teaching experience this week Elder Flamm and I taught an investigator named Napolean. He was this old guy who liked to talk a LOT! But it was good to practice our listening in Spanish. Also it was our first week doing all of our teaching in Spanish. Its pretty basic spanish and teaching however it is crazy that just in 5 weeks i can teach somebody about the gospel.

I am still playing four square every gym time! I seriously am professional now (and so humble). But lets just say that I have another home in the king's square. Mom, you would be proud of me for what I have been eating for breakfast lately. I think for thee past week and a half I have been eating oatmeal or cracked wheat with a blueberry bagel. It's the best! I probably make the cereal just as unhealthy as the other cereals... but i still do enjoy it.

I had the best President's Day EVER. It is probably one of my new favorite holidays. I wore my blue and red tie to celebrate. And dranks a glass of milk (white) cranberry juice (red) and powerade (blue) for each meal that day to show my patriotism. It was a great day to be an American. (did i amp this holiday up so that i didn't mind that i wouldn't be getting mail? yes... but it was worth it) :)

Elder Zollinger left for Mexico today. I guess I haven't really told you about him. But he was supposed to leave the mtc the week I arrived. But due to health problems he kept getting pushed back weeks and weeks. He always came into our room to see how we were doing. He hhas been a great friend and it was sad and happy to see him go. (he was working onn 4 months in the MTC)

I enjoyed getting to hear from everybody this week (except for ALEX ha ha) he must be busy rock climbing. But thanks for the popcorn Mom! and for the goodies mitch! Until next week!

Elder Vaterlaus

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